16th November 2015


Ema Gidley-Smith, 7th December 2017:
“Amazing service as always from the lovely Maddy! clean, friendly and very professional.”

Kirsten O’Neill, 21st August 2017:
“I had a sports massage from Maddie today and was very impressed! She got straight into what I asked for and understood what treatment I needed. Needless to say, I’ve already booked in for a block of massages with her. Thanks Maddie!”

Teresa Vance, 7th June 2017:
“I’ve used Maddie twice for a sports massage on my poor knotted back and shoulders. Both times there has been a dramatic improvement, almost immediately. Highly recommended.”

Alex Hunt, 6th May 2017:
“I chose to go to MFL sports clinic as my back has felt tight and restricted for quite some time and I had heard a lot of people saying positive things about MFL. After the first treatment I was already feeling better. You get amazing service at a great rate. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Alice Clathworthy, 6th May 2017:
“Maddie is great, really helped with my back problems and makes you feel really comfortable and relaxed.”

Alex McCollum, 28th November 2016:
“Very good service. Knows what she is talking about and how to sort you out.”

Lauren Huggett, 14th October 2016:
“Maddy fitted me in at such short notice and has done a brilliant job! My back feels so much better, highly recommend!”

Rhiannon Morris, 19th May 2016:
“Maddy has done an excellent job with my ankle, I had been suffering for many months before seeing her and I am now able to walk without pain. She has brilliant knowledge and offers all kinds of treatments so I feel very much at ease during my appointments. I love exercising so Maddy has been extremely supportive in providing specific strengthening exercises and long term plans, so I can get back to sport as soon as possible. I really wish I had seen her earlier.”

Mhairi Spring, 7th May 2016:
“Maddy is excellent she spends a lot of time and effort making sure your treatment is a benefit to your training and maintaining a healthy muscle recovery. I would recommend Maddy to anyone and she goes beyond sports massage and looks at how she can help you stop issues reoccurring.”

Jessika Shaw, 27th April 2016:
“Always suffered with tight back, neck and shoulders from weight lifting. Maddy was amazing and really got the tension out! I will be back. Highly recommend!”

Sophie Davis, 8th February 2016:
“I recently got into running, but often suffer with leg and back pain which prevented me from continuing. I was put in contact with MFL Sports Clinic through a friend, she was able to fit me in at really short notice, and whatever she did, worked! After some home stretching and icing, I was fit to go again a day or two after. Definitely recommend to anyone suffering even minor sports injuries!”

Elizabeth Thompson, 2nd February 2016:
“If anyone is in need of a fantastic sports massage or has any niggling injuries holding you back I can thoroughly recommend Madeleine, she’s professional and takes a personal interest in trying to get you back on your feet and pain free again. She is doing a great job”

Ema Gidley-Smith, 1st February 2016:
“My lower half hasn’t had a sports massage in years so this was much needed! Maddy was amazing and so thorough, Fantastic place”

Matt Collins, 14th January 2016:
“Maddy is fantastic. I see her on a fairly regular basis now as each time I come away feeling so much better. I’ve had both sports therapy and sports massage and I can highly recommend both. The aftercare is also brilliant”

Mitch Williams, 16th December 2015:
“Thanks to @MFLSportsClinic for loosening up my shoulder and neck, now time to keep it like this! #wickedservice #highlyrecommend #rehabtime”

Adam Gidley-Smith, 13th November 2015:
“Came round at short notice to look at my back, cheers Maddy whatever you did worked!”

Amy Gomer, 12th November 2015:
“Helped identify my injuries and the causes, treated accordingly and has helped me so much with my running. Very professional and knowledgable, would highly recommend. Thank you Maddy!”