Sports Massage, Why For Me?

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Sports Massage……Why For Me?

So you might be asking, what is a “Sports Massage” and why would that benefit me?

In its simplest form, a sports massage is a deep tissue massage that aims to improve the condition and range of motion of soft-tissue structures, by using numerous techniques to soften, lengthen and stretch these tight structures, and in turn improve the ease of movement for individuals.  It also improves an individual’s health and well-being by increasing blood flow through the body to help bring oxygen, nutrients and natural pain-relieving endorphins to tissues, and take away any waste products that may be causing tightness or pain/discomfort.

What are the true benefits of regular sports massages?

Keeping up with regular sports massages, whether you are involved in a sport or not, is extremely beneficial for everybody, in helping remain pain-free and reduce the risk of possible injuries.  If we were to look in more depth, these are the following benefits for each of the body’s system that we would experience or see:

Muscular: Reduces soft-tissue tightness/tension, reduces muscle spasms, restores muscular function, improves muscular performance and flexibility, and improves injury management/recovery.

Skeletal: Improves range of motion and flexibility and reduces the amount of stress to joints.

Cardiovascular: Improves blood flow, improves oxygen and nutritional supply to tissues, and improves removal of waste products and tension.

Nervous: Stimulates sensory receptors to encourage the release of natural pain relieving endorphins to reduce pain felt.

Psychological: Encourages relaxation and mood elevators to de-stress individuals, improves the sense of ‘well-being’, and reduces the perceived level of pain and fatigue to improve sleeping patterns.

Lymphatic: Improves movement of fluid through tissues to prevent clotting.

I don’t do sport, why would this benefit me?

So now you’re probably wondering why a sports massage would be good for you if you do not participate in a sport, and although you may do exercise, it may not be consistent or hard?

The most important thing to remember is that one of the biggest stressors to our body is in fact our job and daily lifestyles: whether it is physically or mentally, they both have an impact.  As mentioned above, massage encourages relaxation and improves how we perceive pain and fatigue therefore increasing the sense of well-being and reducing the psychological stress that you may feel.  In saying that, jobs can also play a major part in the physical stresses placed upon your body, whether it is due to strenuous activites demanded by certain job roles, or simply a ‘postural’ issue, both of which test the body and can result in pain/discomfort to particular areas.

I participate in regular sport/exercise each week, why would this benefit me?

Any strenuous sport/exercise has no doubt resulted in you experiencing ‘DOMS’ (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) within 24-72 hours post-workout at least once, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling and reduced performance.  However with the use of a combination of regular sports massages and appropriate stretching techniques, it can not only reduce the amount of muscle tension felt, but it also assists with recovery, improving the muscles recovery/waste removal, flexibility/elasticity and performance, and restoring its prime function, ready for you to go back to your sport at a faster and more efficient rate.

So, what next?

Why not contact us at MFL Sports Clinic to book an appointment or ask for more information, and try out a sports massage treatment with our fantastic and highly recommended sports therapist, Madeleine Lowson, to reduce any current aches or pains or reduce the risk of these occurring as soon as possible.

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